FNC’s Cain: ‘Woke’ CIA Video Looks Like a ‘Bad Saturday Night Live Skit’

‘It’s funny’


CAIN: "That’s a serious question, and I want to give you a serious answer, Kayleigh. But it’s really hard for me because this is a bad Saturday Night Live skit. It’s really pretty funny. If you want a definition of wokeism, this is the woke salad all dumped into one bowl right here. Incredibly, the CIA bowl. I can’t get out of my head, 'I am a cisgender woman diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder.' This is — it's funny. Honestly, it’s funny. But here’s the thing, we do have to take it seriously because, to your point, look at this, Kayleigh. We know for years that the Soviet Union did their best to break America internally by tribalizing us, like we talked about earlier. That’s what they wanted to do. They wanted to turn us in on each other based upon our superficial differences. And now, here we have the entity tasked with protecting our country through foreign intelligence embracing all of that.”

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