CNN’s Camerota on Facebook’s Trump Ban: ‘Why Would They Let Him Back on to Peddle More of the Crap?’

‘Brian, President Trump’s lies led to a bloody, deadly insurrection’


CAMEROTA: “Brian, President Trump’s lies led to a bloody, deadly insurrection. Why would they ever let him back on to peddle more of the crap?”

STELTER: “There are a lot of members of this board that are free speech advocates, First Amendment absolutists in some cases, that are going to make an argument that these platforms should not be in the position of making these choices at all. If Trump is brought back on Facebook, it will likely be for those reasons. But a lot of this has to do with the memory hole. The riot going down memory hole. That’s what Fox and right-wing media has been trying to do. And I worry that this may be another result of that.”

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