Biden Education Secretary Defends the Anti-Science Teachers Unions Forcing Schools to Keep Closed

‘Reopening schools in the middle of a pandemic is not as easy as some may think’


CARDONA: "Reopening schools in the middle of a pandemic is not as easy as some may think. You know, I remember serving as Commissioner of Education in Connecticut when we were making decisions and, you know, there are some schools that are very — over 100, 120 years old, with old ventilation systems, and we have to make sure that those schools are operational and that they're safe and that there's good communication around those strategies that are needed in order to safely reopen schools. Even with that, some families are a little hesitant because of the fears that they have of a COVID spread in their community. So, it is complicated and I tip my head to educators who have been working really hard to try to get it done as quickly and as safely as possible."  

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