RNC Chair: Biden’s Raising Refugee Cap to Keep Progressives Happy But It Is a Catastrophe

‘I feel so bad for our Border Patrol agents who are so overwhelmed right now’


McDANIEL: "I think he is doing tremendous harm to these families who are coming here with hope and want to come to the United States of America, but are being put in the hands of cartels. I talked to Gov. Abbott last week. He said there is not a single person coming across our border who isn’t being dealt with for the cartels. They have to pay the cartels to cross into the United States of America and many, many children are dying along the way and suffering horrific abuses as they come to this country. And Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, not only will they not go to the border, they haven’t even spoken to the governors who are dealing with this first-hand. So, he is putting a policy in place, he keeps AOC and Durbin and the progressive left happy, but it is a catastrophe for everybody who is dealing with it in real time in our southern states."

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