VP Harris on Immigration: We Want to Help People Find Hope at Home, They Do Not Want to Leave Their Communities

‘I do believe they leave only when they feel they must’


HARRIS: "We are all well-aware of the immediate situation. The citizens of El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras are leaving their homes at alarming rates. But there is a fundamental truth behind that headline. People in the region do not want to leave their homes. They do not want to leave the communities they have known their entire lives, the church they go to every Sunday, the park they take their children to, their friends, their family, their community. I do believe they leave only when they feel they must. And I'm thinking about people whose homes have been washed away by hurricanes, people who are parents, who have sons who have been threatened by drug cartels, people who have daughters who have been targeted by human traffickers, people who do not have enough to eat, people who are out of work, people who have lost hope. And that’s why they leave home and come to the United States.”

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