The Chris Salcedo Show Preamble: Permanent Washington, Why America Is in Decline

‘The speaker prefers women who support lawlessness, celebrate the slaughter of children in the womb’


SALCEDO: “everybody, welcome to the grocery saito show here on news max TV. How many of you show of hands have wondered out loud or to yourself? Why? Doesn’t Washington ever change even when the g o p wins pro American conservatism loses ask yourself this over the years, has Washington D.C. been getting better or worse? Aren’t you frustrated by the fact that, even when the people rise up and elect pro American change, whenever get that change at the same speed, they would get cancerous left wing change. As you all know, left wing change our roads, our liberties, our rights, our prosperity. So count me as one of those who was frustrated when the g o p, wins and conservatives still lose tonight. We may have found out part of the reason why that happens, permanent Washington, why America is in decline, a sobering look behind the curtain in D.C. Swamp and two nights preamble. I want you to be a look out for up a hit piece that looks like it may drop soon from the politico. Now for those of you who are not familiar with politico, this is the same online publication that announced that it would be protecting Joe Biden and socialist democrats from having to answer for their catastrophe at the us Mexico border.”

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