MSNBC’s Charlie Sykes Goes to Town on Ron Johnson for Vaccine Skepticism: ‘A Vesuvius of Wrongness’

‘This is how we beat the pandemic’


SYKES: “I can’t really explain it. I mean, Ron John— I mean, you have, it’s interesting bookend with what happened a year ago, today. The — the — the ignorance, the recklessness, the disregard for science. And the — and the lack of human compassion. Because, you ask the question why should you care if your neighbor gets vaccinated? Well, because in our society, we care about our neighbors. We care that our neighbors don’t get sick, they don’t die, that they don’t infect our other neighbors. This is why we are doing this. This is how we get back to life. This is how we beat the pandemic. By getting to herd immunity. And here, you have Ron Johnson in that whole interview putting on this tinfoil hat of conspiracy. I’m very, suspicious and I don’t want to give up freedom.”

(Via Mediaite)

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