CNN’s Bash to Dr. Fauci: ‘Is Gun Violence in the U.S. a Public Health Emergency?’

‘You worked in public health broadly for a long time’


BASH: "Before I let you go, I want to ask about another epidemic in the U.S., and that is gun violence. Eight people were shot and killed in a mass shooting in Indianapolis on Thursday night. The U.S. has reported 47 mass shootings in just over a month. You've worked in public health broadly for a long time. Is gun violence in the U.S. a public health emergency?"

FAUCI: "You know, myself, as a public health person, I think you can't run away from that. I mean, when you see people getting killed — I mean, in this last month, it's just been horrifying what's happened. How can you say that's not a public health issue?"

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