Eugene Robinson on Daunte Wright Death: Black Men Are Approached By Police Far Too Often As Being Guilty

‘It’s stunning to me how this happens, over and over again’


ROBINSON: "It’s the way black men are approached by police far too often in this country. They are approached as being guilty, before being charged, you know, presumed guilty and required to prove their innocence before they’re even approached. It’s — you know, this was not a fleeing suspect from a violent crime. Yet why they pull him over, why do they approach him as if he is the most dangerous desperado loose in the Midwest? It’s stunning to me how this happens, over and over again. And it has escalated from zero to a hundred in milliseconds. And it’s the victim who has to try to de-escalate. It’s just — it’s just — it’s heartbreaking, but it’s infuriating that it happens over and over and over and over again, and that black men are so often and so tragically the victims of this.”

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