Fmr. FDA Commissioner: You’re Not Likely To See School Districts Mandate the Vaccine

‘I think we’ll be in a situation where the vaccine should be available before the fall school year’


GOTTLIEB: "The way ACIP is probably going to think about it is whether or not you put it in certain social settings. So you think of compartments, geographic compartments of spread, with respect to children you start thinking of first high school. Do we put it in a high school-aged population, then do we put it in a middle school-aged population. I don’t think you’re likely to see school districts mandate the vaccine, but I think you’re probably likely to see strong recommendations, starting with the high school-aged population. As you know, the Pfizer vaccine is already authorized down to age 16, so it already gets into a high school-aged population. If you start putting it in 14- and 15-year-olds, you basically cover the entire high school-aged population. I think that’s probably where we’re going to start."

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