Yamiche Alcindor: You Have To Be Able To Afford To Put a Roof Over Your Head and Afford To Have Clean Water

‘Maybe they’ll have to debate with Republicans about what’s in the bill if they want to make it bipartisan’


ALCINDOR: “Of course, President Biden is saying, 'Actually, that is part of infrastructure. It’s how people are getting paid.' I think if we zoom out even more, all of this is connected to this idea that there is this pursuit of happiness that we in America talk about, about surviving and thriving in America. And the Biden Administration officials tell me, that means you have to not only have access to the ballot box, which is of course what Georgia is, what you've been talking about this morning, but it also means that you have to be able to afford to put a roof over your head and afford to have clean water and afford to have access to good health." 

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