Claire McCaskill: The GOP Has Become the Party of Grievance, Negativity, Darkness and Doom

‘What is the Republican Party for right now?’


McCASKILL: "Yeah, it’s kind of weird. I mean, what is the Republican Party for right now? I thought it was really interesting yesterday that Joe Biden led so strongly with the message 'Bring us your ideas.' I mean, the Republican Party has become the party of grievance, negativity, darkness and doom. This is so far from the profile of Ronald Reagan, it would give you whiplash to look at the two different models. They just are against everything. And especially since the White House is picking issues that have broad bipartisan support. Whether it was COVID relief or infrastructure or some gun safety, they are staying in a safe lane where they are saying to the country, 'We want to do things that you support. Our only problem is, we’ve got a Republican Party that’s afraid of voters and is trying to make everything about a cultural grievance.' And that just isn’t going to win elections for the Republicans going forward. It’s not going to work.”

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