Van Jones: ‘Despicable’ for Chauvin Defense To Use George Floyd’s Words and Say He Admitted To Taking Drugs

‘It’s ludicrous that he would say he’s just taken a bunch of drugs’

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JONES: “But I thought what happened today was despicable. I thought it was despicable to take a man who was dying and struggling for his life, and try to take his words and use those words against him when no matter what he said, the reality is the training says you don’t have your knee on his back for nine minutes. You still can’t escape the basic misconduct. But we're now down to the despicable conduct on the part of the defense. To try to take his words, you can’t make them out and twist them against him to try to get the officer off. It’s literally ludicrous that he would be saying that he’d just taken a bunch of drugs. It doesn’t even make any sense."

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