Julian Castro Urges Companies To Use Their Resources To Stop Texas Voting Bill

‘The difference is that we still have a chance to stop this legislation in Texas’

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CASTRO: “They’re not even pretending anymore, really, that this is about good governance or voter security. They mouth the words, but pretty much they admit that this is a power grab for them. And the good news, though, and why it’s so important that folks like Congressman O’Rourke have been out there calling on companies to say something is that whereas in Georgia it was great that Delta Airlines came out against the legislation, but you know what, they did it too late, the legislation had already passed. The difference here is that we still have a chance to stop this legislation in Texas. That’s why it’s so important for whether it’s AT&T or Southwest Airlines or USAA or any number of big Texas companies to use their resources and their influence to stop this."

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