Noah to Mitch McConnell: Companies Intervening in Politics Is the Monster You Created, And Now You’re Upset?

‘Just like how you enabled Trump and then he came after you’


NOAH: “And you know, this is especially hilarious coming from Mitch McConnell. Because don’t forget, don’t forget, he helped create the situation today where politicians are so dependent on big business for campaign spending that they basically let companies write all of the laws. But you see, Mitch, after you spent decades helping companies intervene in politics, you can’t now be upset that companies want to intervene in politics. The monster you created is coming after you. Just like how you enabled Trump and then he came after you. Or like how you enabled your foreskin and then it took over your neck. And by the way, I like how McConnell is especially offended that businesses would take a position in a highly controversial issue, because I mean, like, if the issue isn’t controversial, than why would they announce their position at all? What does that mean?”

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