Stephen Miller: Shocking Display of Disrespect By Kamala Harris to Biden For Not Prioritizing the Border Crisis

‘He announces you are in charge of the border crisis and you say I don’t think so’


MILLER: "It is a shocking display of disrespect for the President. He announces you are in charge of the border crisis and then you say, 'Never mind. I don’t think so.' I have never seen anything like this in my life. And I will just say this. I'll just say this. One of the areas that we will be focused on with my organization is the nightmare at the border. We are already working with our state attorneys general as we speak on the litigation, some of which you've already discussed, in terms of the mass release of illegal immigrants with criminal records. But the point is, you don’t have the House, you don’t have the Senate. So people who believe in America first principles, people who believe in sovereignty need to understand the legal battle is where this fight will be won or lost."

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