Stephen Miller Launches AFLEGAL.ORG as the Conservative Answer to ACLU

‘We faced dozens of lawsuits for every action we took to secure the southern border of the United States’


MILLER: "This is the conservative response to the ACLU. Being a senior official in the Trump Administration, I saw firsthand for 4 years how the radical left waged legal warfare against the President. You talked about border security. We faced dozens of lawsuits for every single action that we took to secure the southern border of the United States. We faced lawsuits on every area policy, energy policy, climate policy, environmental policy, abortion policy, everything. Here’s a great example of the disparity. When Barack Obama did DACA, virtually no serious legal challenges, nothing, implemented and smooth sailing for years. When President Trump simply tried to rescind the same policy, four years in court. When President Trump issued a policy saying you cannot fund abortion with U.S. taxpayer dollars overseas, litigation, lawsuits, tied up in court. When Joe Biden issued an executive order saying you shall spend taxpayer dollars on abortion overseas, nothing. When President Trump banned the teaching of the critical race theory, lawsuit, injunction. When President Biden issued an order resuming the teaching of the horrendous critical race theory, nothing. We are badly outmanned and badly outmaneuvered, and my organization, America First Legal, is here to finally even the score."

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