Don Lemon: Fox and the Right Can’t Shake Their Devotion to the ‘Inciter-in-Chief,’ Their Key To Hold Power

‘The new big lie that we should forget about the insurrection, that’s what it is’


LEMON: “Now if you want to know why Fox and the right have to pretend why the insurrection didn’t happen, if you want to know why, well, of course, because of the former guy. I like this one better: the inciter-in-chief, the twice impeached one-term president, insurrection-starting president who never won the popular vote. They can’t shake their devotion to him and their misguided belief that he holds the key to power. Case in point, today's endorsement of one of his allies who whipped up the crowd just before they marched on the Capitol. Trump endorsing Mo Brooks for Senate, praising his courage, in all caps, and fight, also in all caps. Fight? Really? I want you to remember, okay, because again, this is all about gaslighting, just flat out lying.”

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