Chris Hayes Mocks Trump Fundraising Messages: You’re a ‘Defector’ If You Don’t Give a Monthly Donation

‘The Republican Party is still running this scam right now?’


HAYES: “Then, here’s the worst one we seen so far on the NRCC fundraising page. This language is downright totalitarian. Ready? 'We need to know we haven’t lost you to the radical left. If you uncheck this box, we will have to tell Trump you’re a defector and sided with the Dems. Check this box and we can win back the House and get Trump to run in 2024.' (Laughs) If you uncheck the box, they’re personally going to tell Donald Trump you are a defector. Literally the message here. 'To keep the box checked, we’re going to just keep scraping your bank account every month. Remember you get to the point where you are reading these boxes, you have already committed to giving the money to the Republican Party.' But instead of thanking you, they say they will tell Dear Leader personally you are a traitor, unless you give more. So egregious and fraudulent that when we booked an election expert to talk about it earlier this week, he said we needed to talk to someone who is an expert in consumer fraud."

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