Jim Jordan: Americans Can No Longer Make a Petition at the Capitol While Everybody Could Get in the Country

‘All kinds of bad things are happening to the kids on this journey’


JORDAN: "Yeah, those three policies. And President Trump called it a couple weeks before he left office in January, he said to the Democrats, 'If you undo the policies we had in place, there will be a tidal wave of illegal immigrants on the border. That is exactly what we are seeing. And Sean, you should remember, all the people watching your show tonight, you should remember you can’t get into your Capitol to exercise your First Amendment rights to petition your government. You can’t get into your Capitol, but anybody and everybody can now get into your country. And all kinds of bad things are happening to the kids on this journey. The agents were clear, Sean. They said, 'Put back in place the remain in Mexico policy, continue to build the wall, and we will stop this and get this thing under control and have the legal immigration that we are supposed to have, not this illegal chaos and crisis that we now see on the border."

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