Tucker: Asa Hutchinson Is ‘Lying,’ Walmart Owners Endorsed Trans Bill Veto

‘Governor Hutchinson had not done a lot of research into the topic’


CARLSON: “Last night we talked to the governor of Arkansas, a Republican called Asa Hutchinson, just vetoed a bill that banned the chemical castration. We asked him what he did that, he was gracious enough to explain. Early in our conversation, it became clear that governor Hutchinson had not done a lot of research into the topic. A lot of things he didn’t seem to know, for example, in February 1 of the oldest medical journals the world summarized researchers findings on puberty blockers. Here’s what they found. The puberty used to treat children 12 to 15 that have gender dysphoria had no significant effect on their psychological function, thoughts of self harm or body image. The children experience reduced growth in height and bone strength. There is fact, keep in mind. The government said children needed these drugs in order to not become clinically depressed. This suggests they don’t help, only hurt their bodies.”

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