Tucker: Are NBA Players Doing a Bad Job? We Assume They Were Hired Because They Were the Best the Company Could Find

‘Nevertheless, they had to be replaced because they were the wrong race and gender’


CARLSON: “How would we respond to that? We would understand immediately, and we would say so, that that is a racist policy. No one even alleged that NBA players are doing a bad job. We all assumed correctly, as we do with airline pilots, that they were hired in the first place because they were the best the company could find. Nevertheless, they had to be replaced because they were the wrong race and gender. Sick. You think it couldn’t happen? Why wouldn’t it tap and? By the logic of identity politics, it has to happen. NBA players make a whole lot more than airline pilots. At some point, someone will notice that. That’s a whole problem with this way of thinking, this diseased way of thinking.”

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