Tonight’s Preamble: ‘The Majority of ‘Press,’ They’re Liars’

‘People who are straight shooters are often vilified’


SALCEDO: “Had happy and welcome to and ability to grosso saito show on news max TV honesty is hard to come by these days. People who are straight shooters are often vilified and cast as brutes who have no place in civilized society. Not only does the so called press lie about their own agenda, but large swaths of our media are sycophants and service too two and work to protect those who speak with forked tongues. In other words, most of the press works to protect the so while they lie and falsely attack the righteous the majority, the press that are liars, that’s our focus in tonight’s preamble as a reminder that saito show is honest about who we are. This is an information and conservative opinion show we don’t do a news program.”

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