Tom Homan Says Border Guards Too Busy with Migrant Kids To Stop Drug Smugglers: ‘National Security Crisis’

‘The criminal cartels geared up because they knew they were back in business’


HOMAN: “Wealth the criminal cartels, you know, they are taking advantage of this humanitarian crisis. When Joe Biden made all these promises which everybody knew it would cause a surge, the criminal cartels geared up because they knew they were back in business. When they send these 200 family groups in one area, they do that on purpose. The criminal cartels control the drug cartels. They say go here and this time and this place so why the border patrol are tied up, they will run drugs and they were bad folks ms-13 to unguarded portions. When I talk to the border patrol agent, I asked him, where is the nearest border patrol right now? He said 3 miles down the line which means 3 miles of border is wide open. He said and what is so frustrating Mr. Homan, we know that we will have foot traffic, camera traffic of drug smugglers that we cannot respond to well taken care of the children. That is what the criminal cartels. A humanitarian crisis in two a national crisis.”

(Via the Daily Caller)

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