Fox News: The Suspect Got out of a Vehicle with a Knife, Shot by the Capitol Police Officers

‘There are small contingent of The National Guard troops around the Capitol’

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SMITH: “Daniel, if you don’t mind, could you stand by with us? We’ve got some breaking news we want to head back to the Capitol. Stand by, Daniel. John?”

ROBERTS: “Yeah. You can see there on the screen, suspect drove into Capitol officers had a knife, apparently was presenting not just a vehicular threat to officers but as well a threat using a weapon. Our Chad Pergram has got the latest on that. He sent out a bulletin just seconds ago. Chad, what do you know as we watch the activity which appears to be somebody being tended to on the ground.”

PERGRAM: “Right. And what I’m told here is that the car came in and after the car, the blue sedan rammed the Capitol police officers there, the suspect got out of a vehicle with a knife and that’s when he was shot by U.S. Capitol police officers. Now keep in mind they do have National Guard troops there. There are small contingent of National Guard troops around the Capitol. These are this quick reaction forces that are trying to make, you know, something permanent here at the Capitol. And again the one thing I want to emphasize is that this roadway was not open from January 7th until about two weeks ago. Constitution Avenue because they reduced the footprint of the perimeter. There was a lot of [indecipherable] cry from lawmakers saying, ‘Oh, we don’t need a larger footprint. You keeping people away from the Capitol.’ So they took out the outer perimeter which went out several blocks passed the you know, the House and Senate office buildings moved it back in. They took down the razor wire of the top of these fences. And so that fence is the immediate barricade around the Capitol.”

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