Jesse Watters: Joe Biden Has Lost Control Over Our Immigration Policy

‘It’s a shame what he is doing to those kids now involved in modern-day slave trade run by the cartels’


WATTERS: "Let's say the classroom holds 30, now 35 students are going to be in the classroom. Five of those students aren't going to speak any English. They're not going to know what's going on in the classroom. You don’t think that’s going to be disruptive to the class? You don’t think that's going to take the teacher’s attention and focus it on those students? That's not going to disrupt learning? That's not going to soak recourses that should be going to American students and have tutors and counselors focused on those students? Of course it is. And American parents were never given a choice. This was imposed on them by the cartels and by Joe Biden, who have lost control over our immigration policy. You ask any parent, do you want these people sitting next to your student as a sophomore indebted to the cartels, trying to work off cash somehow, wiring money back home, don’t speak any English? Sexually traumatized, emotionally traumatized, physically traumatized? Dragging down and slowing down the curriculum? Of course not. And I feel terrible for these migrants. Terrible. But I also feel terrible for the American students that are being subjected to this wave and wave and wave."

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