Lisa Boothe: Kamala Harris Would Sit Down To Talk About Human Rights with Charles Manson if It Served Her Interests

‘She will do anything for power’


BOOTHE: “Sean, when I saw this article and the story, this has to be the satire. Then I thought to myself, you know what, Kamala Harris would probably sit down with Charles Manson if he were still alive to talk about human rights if it served her political interest. This woman is motivated by one thing and that his power. Think about it, she accused Joe Biden of essentially being a racist, harasser and then he asked her to be his vp. Sure, no problem. Then she accused, basically, Brett Kavanaugh of being a harasser and is now sitting down with Bill Clinton, who has been critically accused of rape and talk about women’s rights. This woman is a hypocrite and the type of politician conservatives should fear because she will do anything for power.”

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