Mara Gay Defends Gov. Cuomo: He Was Wearing Masks When Trump Wasn’t

‘Donald Trump was making fun of people for wearing masks’


GAY: “And so I think one thing to look for is whether, as we get farther away from the Trump Administration and the trauma that that administration caused to New Yorkers throughout the state, whether that vacuum actually creates more space for New Yorkers to take a harder look at Gov. Cuomo. Because I think a lot of Cuomo’s success, especially with black voters, but not only, within the past year and a half of the pandemic, has really been defined by him being this — this — the anti-Trump, in some ways. So whereas Donald Trump was making fun of people for wearing masks, Gov. Cuomo was holding these press conferences, like holding court, you know, and there’s a joke within New York politics that says he should win an Emmy for them. But truly, he was talking about the importance of science in this and the importance of protecting all New Yorkers. So I think that profile is still really helping the governor in this moment. And it might be a while before the nursing home scandal or really kind of the lack of support among other Democrats really percolates.” 

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