Rep. Pelosi: ‘This Is the Biden American Rescue Plan, It Will Be Followed by the American Recovery Plan’

‘I want to commend Chuck Schumer and the democrats for passing a very fine bill’


PELOSI: “But having said that, I want to commend Chuck Schumer and the Democrats in the Senate for passing a very fine bill, very much like ours, some tweaks, but nonetheless they did a great job in the Senate. But my praise right now goes to the President of the United States Joe Biden. This is the Biden American Rescue Plan. It will be followed by the American Recovery Plan and it’s about just that, saving lives and livelihoods and giving people hope for the future. His presidency does just that. This legislation is a reflection of his values. Now, it looks a lot like our HEROES bill. We had quite a bit (laughs) — quite a bit of this in our HEROES bill, but I’m so glad our shared values, plus enhanced by vaccines and so many other advances that are there — we couldn't be prouder than to be associated with him in this and it's so sad because in all of the bills, as Mr. Hoyer said, we have had bipartisanship signed by the President.”

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