Dan Bongino: Listen to Me America, We Are Spending Money We Don’t Have

‘The average American family owes $227,000 in debt’


BONGINO: “But even worse, we haven’t even addressed the spending bill. There is no money! Listen to me, America. We have no more money. Do you understand this? We are spending money we don’t have. There is no money! There is no money, zero. There is no money. I saw this in 'The Wall Street Journal' today, Sean. The average American family owes $227,000 in government debt. Every single American owes $81,000 and they are still trying to pack this thing full of goodies. There's an op-ed in 'The Wall Street Journal' right now. They are trying to do a student loan forgiveness thing and they are trying to make it so you don’t have to pay taxes if they discharge the loan. They packed on there too, so that even if Biden discharges all of the student loans in America, so you have to pay for your rich neighbor's college fund, for his kid, now they don't even have to pay taxes on it later. We are looking at crazy town."

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