Professor Haseltine: ‘This Is Not a Time To Be Impatient … We’ve Got To Hold on Until Most People Are Vaccinated’

‘We know that people not wearing masks, people going to restaurants, going into bars in big groups’


HASELTINE: “Well, what determines the path is the rate of the vaccine, how many people get the vaccine and how widely it spreads. And the second is people’s behavior. We know how this virus spreads. We know that people not wearing masks, people going to restaurants, going into bars in big groups — you know, everybody can sympathize with the idea we need to recover. It’s like a patient in a hospital. If you’ve had major surgery, many people are very eager to get out. And of course they want to resume their normal life, but we also know what happens if you get out too soon. You go right into the hospital. That’s what we’re worried about for society at large. We’ve seen big waves and we’re just in the middle of the third or coming out of the third wave. Are we going to do what we did before and have a fourth wave? You know, this is no longer decreasing rapidly in the United States. It’s more or less a plateau at a very high level. It’s plateauing at the highest level that we had back in July. 60,000 people infected yesterday, a thousand people almost died yesterday. If you project that forward, that would be 600,000 people dying. This is not a time to be impatient. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, finally, and to get there, we’ve got to hold on until most people are vaccinated.”

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