Muslim Comedian on Chattanooga: We Need an ‘Honest Conversation About Access Guns’

‘If there’s ever a time to have an honest discussion about access to guns, if you’re worried about lone wolf terrorists, let’s make it harder for them’

COSTELLO: “I know you have been working very hard to get the word out about good Muslims.” 
COSTELLO: “And then something like this happens again. So does your work begin anew?” 
OBEIDALLAH: “The work never ends. We could do all the work we can in our community and people are doing it all different facets -- from young Muslims raised about $70,000 to rebuild black churches that you were burned down in the last few weeks in the south. You know I am doing a Muslim comedy festival next week, the first one ever. That gets little press. 

"But this kind of action trumps all of that and it defines us more than any of the good things we’re doing. And that’s part of the struggle. And to put this in context: This is a horrible act. In America gun violence, though, is horrific and we should be — if there’s ever a time to have an honest discussion about access to guns, if you’re worried about lone-wolf terrorists, let’s make it harder for them to get guns. It’s one more step for them to get guns, it's one more step for police or law enforcement to catch the person. Let’s have a global conversation. Not just about Muslims, let’s talk about gun violence as well.”

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