Barnicle on Texas Lifting Mask Mandate: It Is the Way to Open the Door To the Virus

‘Less than 7% of the people in the state of Texas have been vaccinated’


BARNICLE: “You know, Willie, this is a classic good news/bad news story. The good news is, as you just pointed out, we have three vaccines now available and becoming more available to everybody in the United States of America. The bad news is that one state’s governor, in this case Governor Abbott of Texas has taken it upon himself to think that he can combat this virus the way no one else can combat this virus. Texas is averaging 200 deaths per day. Now, that might not seem a whole lot to governor Abbott, but it sure is a whole lot to the people who are suffering the losses, the families and the friends of the people who are dying. Less than 7 percent of the people in the state of Texas have been vaccinated. And the governor has managed to overrule with this new edict that he proposed yesterday, overrule various cities and towns who have a mask mandate. This is not the way to go to combat the virus. It is the way to open the door to the virus and the various variants of the virus to come back into the house, something that nobody wants but they have done it in Texas."

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