Biden Interior Nominee Can’t Answer on How to Make up School Funding Lost from Banning Fossil Fuels

‘It is President Biden’s agenda that I would move forward, not my own’

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DAINES: “I have one county in Montana that over 90 percent of the revenues that go to their schools come from pipelines. Unfortunately, this is not the case for wind and solar development on federal lands. What is your plan to make up for any lost local revenue for public safety and children’s education?"

HAALAND: "Senator, as I mentioned earlier, if I’m confirmed as Secretary, it is President Biden’s agenda that I would move forward, not my own, and I absolutely — nobody wants children to not have schools."

DAINES: "But you earlier said you want to let the science and the data dictate policy and outcomes, if I could somewhat paraphrase what you said, so I assume you would want to make sure you look at the science and the data and not just blindly follow any administration."

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