Psaki: Pres. Biden Was Very Consistent that Keystone XL Pipeline Is Not in the Interests of the U.S.

‘He has been consistent about his opposition to the Keystone Pipeline’


PSAKI: "Well, let me first say that it was the Obama-Biden administration when the assessment was done, and done by the State Department at the time. And the president was very consistent, through the campaign and even before then, about his view that -- that -- that it should be revoked, and he had conversations, of course, with the prime minister about it. The prime minister raised his concerns directly with the president, has previously and he’s of course, welcome too today, but the present make clear that this is a commitment he has made in the past, that it’s not in the interests of the United States, and that we want to try to address for our climate crisis while also creating a good paying union jobs. And he has -- he has a plan. He has talked about his plan, I should say on the campaign trail, to create millions of clean energy jobs, and he is eager to continue to work with the policy team and outside stakeholders and experts on delivering on that in the months ahead. But he believes he can do both. And he has been consistent about his opposition to the Keystone Pipeline."

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