Schumer: ‘Restaurants Are One of the Backbones of Our Economy’

‘And along with our stages and our arts areas, they are suffering the most’


SCHUMER: "We're here to talk about restaurants. Restaurants are a lifeblood of New York City. They employ so many people. They're one of the reasons people come to New York and stay in New York, because they come together and congregate. It's not just the food, great as it is. It's an experience. And they're one of the backbones of our economy and, along with our stages and our arts areas, they are suffering the most. I have particular sympathy for small business people. My dad was a small business person. He struggled. He paced the floor Sunday nights at 2:00 A.M. because he hated going to work. Now his business was a little different than the restaurants, opposite a little bit. He was an exterminator. So instead of bringing live things, he killed things. But in any case, so I know how hard restaurants are hit."         

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