Barrasso to Biden Interior Nominee: ‘Why Not Just Let These Workers Keep Their Jobs?’

‘Senator, it’s my understanding that President Biden has put a just a pause on new leases, he didn’t ban new leases’


BARRASSO: "...orders, as we talked about banning new oil and natural gas leasing on federal lands and waters, it’s estimated this long-term leasing ban is going to cost your home state of New Mexico 62,000 jobs, my home state of Wyoming 33,000 jobs. A long-term leasing ban is also going to cost — I kind of run around the table here of members on this committee — Louisiana, 48,000 jobs, Colorado, 18,000 jobs, Mississippi, 14,000 jobs, North Dakota, 13,000 jobs, Utah, 11,000 jobs, 7,000 jobs in Alaska and Montana. Those are just jobs represented by people on this committee. Now you had said you will work your heart out for everyone, including fossil fuel workers. My question is for you, why not just let these workers keep their jobs?"

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