Fauci: If the J&J Vaccine Gets the Emergency Use Authorization It’s Not Going To Be Front Loaded

‘They’re not going to have a lot of doses on the first day’


FAUCI: "Well, the totality of the doses, Alisyn, I believe will meet the contractual arrangements. That is to have 100 million doses, I guess by June or so, by the end of June, beginning of July. That will happen. What we’re seeing is that instead of being front-loaded with the number of doses that are coming out, it very likely will be back-loaded. And by that I mean we are now — they’re in full consideration with the FDA for an emergency use authorization. I don’t want to get ahead of the FDA, but if, in fact, that that is given to them, they’re not going to have a lot of doses on the first day. It will likely be relatively few, which will then scale up a lot more. And it’s just a matter of what happened with their production capability and how they are now going to be revving up. And then soon after that, they are going to have a lot of doses. But it’s not going to be front-loaded."

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