Chris Cuomo: The GOP Is Only Concerned with Death When It Suits Them

‘What’s interesting to me is that the former president had a year to try to get this under control’


CUOMO: "Of course you get it. And it’s so ugly. It’s so obvious. Deep denial. We made ourselves sick and we have to realize how, so we can make ourselves better. They play to advantage. And look, I know this comes with a price. I know that they will attack. They care about deaths. They care about bad things like violence when it suits them. All summer long they were so worried about political violence. Not on January 6th when they were running for their own lives. It is as ugly as it is obvious. And, yeah, they’ll come after you for saying it because that’s the state of play and people love the blood lust of it. But the truth matters, Don, because people are going to look back at this as a low point in our history. We’ve never seen Americans let one another die for reasons like this ever before."

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