Cruz: Planned Parenthood Video ‘Highlights the Evil of What They’re Doing’

‘These tapings of Planned Parenthood selling body parts are grotesque’

CRUZ: “These tapings of Planned Parenthood selling body parts are grotesque. It highlights the evil of what they are doing.”

KELLY: “They say that it isn't a sale.”

CRUZ: “Two things need to happen. Number one there needs to be a criminal investigation. There are at least three federal laws that are potentially violated, one selling the body parts of unborn children for profits. Number two, for any transfer of tissue there has to be written consent from the mother. And number three, under federal law you cannot change the method of abortion if you are trying to get tissue. In that tape you see they are discussing different methods to capture. So, I’m calling on the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate is federal law been violated and I am calling on state officials in any location where Planned Parenthood exists for state district attorneys, state attorneys general to investigate criminal conduct.”

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