CNN’s Harlow: Trump Is Betting that Machiavelli Was Right, It’s Better To Be Feared than Loved

‘Biden is betting it’s better to be loved than feared’


HARLOW: "Yeah, I mean, it’s such a good point, David. Trump is betting that Machiavelli was right, it’s better to be feared than loved. And Biden is betting that it’s better to be loved than feared. I -- I wonder what you think though is the man that you’ve known for so long, having worked on the campaign all the way back seems like so many years ago, the first campaign with Obama and Biden, what the most important thing is that you heard from him last night, not for the Democratic Party, but for the American people?"
AXELROD: "Well, look, what you heard — first of all, what I saw last night was the guy I know, but I think he’s changed a little bit. I think Biden is a more confident person. You know, politicians are very ambitious, they’re driven by their ambition. It seems as this stage in his life, his ambitions are more about the country than himself. He’s very comfortable with who he is.”

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