Pompeo: ‘The Chinese Communist Party Is Engaged in an Effort to Eliminate an Entire Class of People’

‘We ought not afford the Chinese part of this propaganda victory’

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POMPEO: "The Chinese Communist Party is engaged in an effort to eliminate an entire class of people, the Uighur Muslims, this is genocide. This is what we know from the 1930s. You talked about the Olympics in Berlin in 1936. We ought not afford the Chinese Communist Party this propaganda victory. And I appreciate these athletes want to compete. They want nothing to do with politics. They just want to be out there doing their best on the world stage. I have great empathy for them. That’s why the International Olympic Committee has a responsibility. There’s still almost a year. We can have these games someplace else. I’m sure we can find a nation that would love to host it, a nation that would really uphold the Olympic ideals.” 

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