Scarborough: Ron Johnson Is Not Worthy To Be a United States Senator

‘Ron Johnson is lying to the people of America’


SCARBOROUGH: “We heard the terrorists scream, 'Hang Mike Pence! Hang Mike Pence!' We saw them destroying the Capitol and defacing it in every way. We’ve seen the three cops, the three law enforcement officers, the faces of those who died following the attacks. Two so traumatized that American terrorists would storm the Capitol that they took their own lives. This is a mob that just may have killed Ron Johnson or any member of the House or Senate that they saw that day. So I just wonder, as there are Republicans feverishly trying to re-frame the political party, Mika, I’m just wondering if Mitch McConnell’s vision of the Republican Party moving forward is Ron Johnson’s vision of the Republican Party. Because you can use Mitch McConnell’s own words against Ron Johnson and prove that Ron Johnson is lying to the people of Wisconsin, Ron Johnson is lying to the people of America. Ron Johnson is not worthy to be a United States senator."

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