Tucker: To Cancel My Show, We’re Being Called Terrorists Because an Unarmed Capitol Rioter Shot Dead Watched Me

‘There are a lot of ways to silence Fox News’


CARLSON: “There are a lot of ways to silence Fox News, he has explained on television and in columns. He doesn’t call it silencing Fox News. He says, we must demand some accountability. Make it go away, get in line. No more unauthorized questions, no more criticizing Jeff Bezos. He is not the only one saying it. In the last 30 days, a single columnist at the “New York Times” called Nick Christophe has written three separate columns demanding that someone, please, yank this news channel off the air immediately. Just yesterday, Christophe suggested that this show, the one you are watching, was somehow guilty of terrorism, of violence, something we have been opposed to consistently for four years. How are we guilty and? Ashley Babb, the unarmed protester occasionally watched this show from time to time at 8:00 P.M. Ashley babot is dead. She paid quite a price for entering the speaker’s lobby without permission and no one mourned her. We are saying this as a show. Now, we need to ban any television shows that Ashley babbott might have watched. We need to close the pain down. John Wayne Casey liked the Nick Christophe column so he is guilty of mass murder.”

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