Luke Russert: If Scott Walker Doesn’t Win Iowa ‘It’s Over’ for Him

‘I’ll say that right now in July 2015’

Luke Russert: If Scott Walker Doesn't Win Iowa It's Over For Him (RealClearPolitics)

KASIE HUNT: The reality is that his path at this point to the nomination really goes through Iowa. If they don't do well in Iowa it's not clear what his path is to the nomination after that. If he's doing things that are turning off evangelical voters he's going to have to balance the two risks. The reality is that Jeb Bush is an extraordinarily formidable presence in this race. If he decides to turn that firepower on Scott Walker, that could be game over.

LUKE RUSSERT: It's all Iowa for Walker. He absolutely has to win Iowa. If he doesn't win Iowa, it's over. I'll say that right now in July 2015.

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