Virginia Dad: This Country Was Built on Strong Leaders, Make a Plan to Put Our Kids Back to School

‘You may fall a little short but it’s better than no plan at all’


MICHON: “You know, look, we have elected officials. We bring them in. They’re supposed to have a job to do. A lot of times it’s easy to sit back and let other people lead. What I said and what I was passionate about is, look, if you’re not going to lead, this country was built on strong leaders. Take a step to the side. That’s ok. Let other people step into that void. If you’re not going to get our kids back, make a plan and execute it. And you know what? You may fall a little short but it’s better than no plan at all. The key thing I think is, like, you’ve got to put something out there and take a little bit at risk.”

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