Greg Gutfeld: 12,000 Covid Deaths Used To Be a Large Number But Now It’s Just a Boring Statistic for the Media

‘When the Democrats in charge, the body count suddenly becomes reasonable just like everything else under their watch’


GUTFELD: “Amazing. We also learned what Hunter Biden had for breakfast, bagels. Can’t wait for the daily report on regularity. I hope they’re both getting enough fiber. But isn’t it adorable how fast and obvious the media can change the rules? No stranger to ice cream or bagels, CNN’s Brian salter asked this question. As President Biden making news boring then? Their answer is no, you are. Unless you think news is your latest complementary cliche. After a week in which we saw the White House banished The National Guard to a parking lot, the obliviousness towards the nt five riots, the lies about Trump not leaving a vaccine plan, a moratorium on natural gas and drilling. Instead, we get ice cream and bagels. The idea that somehow the news got boring is only true once you realize what CNN was obsessed with before. Tweets, gossip, tantrums, tell-all books and of course those attacks on CNN but all is gone with drum and what they chose to ignore in favor of that drivel were months of rioting and looting because that would make the Democrats look bad. They mock those who were concerned about that stuff. Meanwhile, they ignored stuff that would’ve reelected Trump like those Middle East peace plans and amazing vaccines but things are boring now rated as 12,000 more Americans die from Covid, remember how not boring such numbers were under Trump? When the Democrats in charge, the body count suddenly becomes reasonable just like everything else under their watch. So I have a feeling that if Trump was eating ice cream, they would focus on the unhealthy lifestyle and say how fat he is but here, Joe Biden’s favorite player, you would she was your granddad.”

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