MSNBC: President Biden Will Keep Christopher Wray as FBI Director

‘President Biden will keep FBI director Christopher Wray in his post as the head of the Bureau of Federal Investigation’


ALEXANDER: "Yeah well, first of all, the headlines here, I am told by a White House official, is that President Biden will keep FBI Director Christopher Wray in his post there as the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This question, as you note, raised some eyebrows just yesterday when I asked the press secretary Jen Psaki in her debut briefing whether the President, the new president had confidence in the FBI director, who, of course, was appointed under President Trump. She declined to answer it on two occasions. That’s why we went back to the White House for any better clarity on that. But last night, obviously, NBC News followed up, did some reporting, and we were told by senior law enforcement officials that they had received no indications that the Biden Administration was not satisfied. The president was not satisfied with the work of Christopher Wray. Of course, FBI directors serve ten-year terms to try to give them a measure of independence, but as we've learned in the case of former FBI Director James Comey, they can be fired by presidents. It is clear now that that’s not the plan of Joe Biden at this point.”

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