Gutfeld: How Is It for Unity When Biden Is Undoing Good Things Trump Did Which America Really Wants?

‘There are a lot of good things that Trump did but because it’s Trump you have to get rid of it’


GUTFELD: “But he reminds me of a furious spouse throwing all of her cheating husband’s belongings out the second floor window. You know, there goes the golf clubs onto the front lawn. It’s like a spasm that makes you feel good, and you're actually not — you're not separating the good from the bad. There are a lot of good things Trump did, but because it’s Trump you got to get rid of it. And some of that stuff Americans like. So I have to ask a question again, how is that for unity when you're starting to undo things that people actually liked, and you're doing it to satisfy some emotional need in the people that voted for you?"

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