Trump: ‘I Will Beat Hillary Clinton’ and ‘I Will Win the Latino Vote’

‘I am going to put people back to work’

TRUMP: “I want to win the Republican – I want to win because that’s our best chance of defeating the Democrats. With that said, Everyone wants me to do that. I have had so many people wanting me to do that. Our best chance of defeating the Democrats and getting this country going again is if I win the Republican nomination. I will beat Hillary Clinton. And one other thing: I will win the Latino vote. I will win the Hispinic -- because I’m going to put them to work. I am going to put people back to work. I’m going to win that vote. I have thousands of people working for me right now, Hispanics, working for me. I will win that vote because I’m going to get jobs for people. Hillary is not going to get jobs, and by the way, Jeb Bush is not going to get jobs.”

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